November 25, 2006

My third post today, because I am going to be away from my laptop for a while again….

Yesterday evening, a few friends met up at Shiok restaurant, run by .  It is so rare to find a restaurateur with this level of knowledge and passion about food. Every dish that was served was mouth-watering , from the eggplant starters to the flat rice noodles( I only ate the vegetarian dishes though!) I *must* particularly mention the oh-so-fragrant rice dish that I ate three times as much as I should have! KM is still raving about the steamed fish that he was served, without a drop of cooking oil, and says it is the very first time he has eaten this kind of steamed fish (it was Bengali Bhekti). was well worth the three kilos or so that are probably going to grin at me from the mirror soon....

Do check out 's Shiok website at

and his Chef’s Notes at

Like me (unless you live in Indira Nagar in Bangalore of course) you will regret that you don’t have Shiok nearby!

Yesterday he showed his collection of fine steel knives, and talked about the processing of food….well, I think my opinion of his expertise comes through pretty clearly in my words!

Nuff said. Bangalore people….visit Shiok! Other people…visit Bangalore and then I will take you to visit Shiok! (Probably I am preaching to a lot of converted people, I know…)

And and , who, with their young son Aasim, invited us over....thank you, so much! The "pEt poojA" was religiously done yesterday....