The GaurDOuvres

November 20, 2006


“Well, the Bird Survey conducted by Jungle Lodges and Resorts was warm, wet, and wonderful, several “w”s that I will be explaining in the future, when I have a more time (it’s midnight, and I am going on another trip tomorrow)…..

I will post later about the birds, but  here is an animal  that is often to be seen in Biligiri Ranganna Hills…

Here’s the Gaur, the Indian wild bison . Don’t you like his cool haircut? Male Gaurs can weigh up to 750 kg….and all that muscle is developed on a diet, as you can see, of grass!

<IMG height=333 alt=IMG_0161 src=”” width=500>

This photo is, I must add, not photoshopped or post-processed, so it may not be very clear or good in terms of colour temperature…Well, to me, documentation is the goal, not the perfect photograph!

Q .How did I take this photograph? A. Bi sonlight!

Couldn’t resist that…

Will post my account of both the bird survey and our lovely trip to BR Hills and back…meanwhile, “Gaur” means “attention”, too, in Hindi…so…iskO gaur sE dEkhO!

Goodnight all!