More about babudom, clerical staff, inefficiency, and giving Citizen D the runaround

November 15, 2006

... Went to Vijaya Bank, J P Nagar III Phase branch, today. My fixed deposit matures on the 6th of December, and the reminder letter states that it must be renewed within 14 days, or unspecified dire consequences will result. It also told me that I had better come earlier than the expiry period. Anyway, we will be out of town at the time, so  I went to get it renewed. "Madam, you have to come only at the time of renewal." "I will be out of town, and won't be back within the 14 days." "Where are you going Madam?" "What business is that of yours?" (no, I didn't ask that, I thought that to myself, and said, "Abroad.:" The response took my breath away. "Madam, send a relative to do this." "I am sorry, we have no relatives here." (disbelievingly)" NObody? Not at all?" "No." "Madam  you send somebody...some neighbour or servant...." HEYYY! I don't want to take such obligations from any neighbour, however close s/he may be to me. And I definitely will NOT send any servant, assuming I had one who is capable of renewing a fixed deposit for me. "I am sorry, I can't do that." At this, the lady made me write, "Please renew the FD for a period of one year" on the reminder letter, and threw (yes, threw) it on to her desk, and said, off-handedly, "It will be done." ....If it can be done that easily, why put me through my paces up to now? Guess who will be going to the bank again around the first week of December to make sure that my reminder letter has not been lost?