Black Kite

November 7, 2006


Here’s a bird that is now plentiful around urban skies; but at Lodhi Gardens, I thought he had caught something and was going to feed, as he flew to a nearby tree.

IMG_0341Black Kite with Nesting Material (2)

But then, I realized that he (or she, perhaps?) had some nesting material and was sorting it out preparatory to using it in the nest.

IMG_0342 Black Kite and Nesting Material (3)

Just look at the bird trying to extract just that right piece….he’s very finicky with his soft furnishings at home, is our friend!

IMG_0343 Black Kite with Nesting Material

And for all that this bird is so common nowadays…isn’t he handsome? These birds are also called “pariah” kites….