Back to the birds...

October 27, 2006

I had the afternoon free and found that was free too, but it was too late to go too far out, so we just decided to go to Kanakapura Road, and went near the Valley School campus looking to see what we could find.

Well…the first beautiful thing was the sunlight through the moisture-laden clouds….this picture just doesn’t do justice to it, but it’s an attempt to share it with all of you….

<IMG height=333 alt=”IMG_0122 Light through the clouds” src=”” width=500>

Here's the Indian Robin; he was sitting on the ground, and I was hoping to get some feeding behaviour shots, but no such luck! <IMG height=469 alt="IMG_0159 Indian Robin" src="" width=500> And I found this Red-Vented Bulbul on a granite post, enjoying the stiff  monsoon wind ruffling his feathers...he stayed put long enough for me to snap him. <IMG height=500 alt="IMG_0169 Red-Vented Bulbul" src="" width=305> And for today, I will close with the picture of this Purple-Rumped Sunbird  sipping nectar from the flowers of the lantana bush, which was introduced several decades ago as an ornamental plant, and which is overgrowing and choking the forests: <IMG height=500 alt="IMG_0199 Purple rumped sunbird" src="" width=349> You can see the gathering heavy monsoon clouds behing the little guy, even HIS tiny feathers are ruffled by the strong breeze! Alas, alas, I got a not-terribly bad shot of a rufous treepie,which I thought was a winter visitor, but which says is a resident; it seems to have been deleted from my CF card for some no pic! </lj-cut> I need a bird id and have asked a friend for it; I will post the other pictures when I get it. I had a lovely afternoon, because I also got to use Amogh's Nikon with the macro lens while he used KM's out for the photos when he gets around to processing them and posting them. I took pictures of a grasshopper, some unknown-to-me wildflowers, the flower of the African Tulip....I just hope he doesn't delete them as not being good enough!