Festivals...and fleeting joys

October 22, 2006

.... I am contemplative about festivals right now. Last year's Deepavali was surreal, with a friend dying in the middle of the night just before the festival; when we got back from his place at about 6 am , we got the news that another close friend's father had passed away, too. So...should one not celebrate festivals, knowing the temporary nature of our sojourn here? Or should we celebrate the festival in a kind of "we are here, so we will be festive" kind of attitude? Or celebrate each day, and not specifically celebrate a festival day? Should we feel guitly about all the have-nots when we do celebrate? And if we do feel so, will contributing to a cause salve our conscience? How do we play the scene...cheerful, pragmatic, gloomy or serene? I suppose the answers are as varied as there are people to espouse each point of view.