Happy Deepavali

October 20, 2006


Some say it with words, some say it with sweets, some say it with flowers…I say it with a kOlam!

<IMG height=500 alt=”IMG_0112 Kolam, Deepavali 06” src=”http://static.flickr.com/97/274590296_8061cbf0c6.jpg” width=333>

And here are the lamps….I decided that this year, I would put flowers in the lamps instead of oil. And I threaded some serial lights instead…and I took this photograph without a flash, with none of the other room lights on….

<IMG height=500 alt=”IMG_0108 Deepavali 06” src=”http://static.flickr.com/121/274590403_505f9790b7.jpg” width=333>

I love the warm dark tones of the picture…it’s nice and mysterious …the way it is mysterious what I could have done to deserve such a wonderful life…a lot of us went down and lit some sparklers (no firecrackers though) and it was such a lovely, peaceful feeling.

I am now musing on how people who have suffered a loss carry on through times when everyone else around them is festive. The world carries on, but in their minds, the loss is agonizingly fresh….does every sight of  celebrations open up the wound again? How are they able to cope with the memories of times when they, too, had nothing but happiness in their hearts?

Hmm….maybe I shouldn’t put in negative thoughts in a festive post…but as I said, life seems to have both the happy and the sad side all mixed-up together…so my post is going to be like that, too.