I thought of a nice caption when I saw this...

October 14, 2006


We went on a half-day, very productive trip to the JLR ‘s Bheemeshwari property today. Too tired to sit and upload the pics and file the trip report right now…I am NOT happy with my snaps, WHY can’t I take crisp pictures? Please remember,when I post my Bheemeshwari field trip report…ALL of my photos are documentation shots!

But here’s a picture (unrelated to wildlife) that I clicked there.


<IMG height=333 alt=IMG_0031 src=”http://static.flickr.com/57/269211235_345dfb93ed.jpg” width=500>

I liked this neat construction to heat water. WATER: The tap fills up the container of water set in the middle of the concrete construction, at the bottom of which there is the FIRE: the heating arrangement…you can see the wood being fed in…. and FIREWATER: that’s a kerosene can on top of the concrete structure, probably to literally add fuel to the fire! Look at the neat chimney arrangement to take the smoke away!

Someone has also been filling the mineral water bottle from the tap, I hope it’s not being passed off to the guests….