September 30, 2006


The devout priest, when he died, was made to wait at the pearly gates while a taxi-driver whizzed past into heaven….when he complained to St Peter, he was told that while the priest made people think about God once in a while, the taxi driver made his passengers, pedestrians and other motorists think of God ALL the time they were near him!

What sort of a driver do you think this car has? It is parked in my building….how does this guy reverse? We do need to pray when he does, through his Ramas and Krishnas. (Yes, I used the masculine pronoun…I can’t think of a woman pasting this across her rear windshield.)

This is, btw, the chant for followers of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness….

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And that is NOT , as some would think, a mantra for bunny rabbits ( look at them mulitplying over the lines!)…. the word is (in my pronunciation-script) harEy.