Navaratri at another friends place

September 30, 2006


Here’s my dear friend and neighbour lighting the lamps in the evening, in front of her golu:

<IMG height=500 alt=”IMG_0001 Mythreyi lighting lamp” src=”” width=333>

She has placed her daughter’s veena next to the doll-steps;I have never seen her playing it, I don’t know if she knows how to!…. I wish I had photographed it better! She is wearing a Pochampalli saree, made in Andhra Pradesh. My friend is very beautiful, quite apart from her sweet face and her lovely hair….I think she is beautiful because of unfailing helpfulness and ready smile. My picture of the golu itself is suffering from shake, so will re-do it tomorrow!

I haven’t been having “golu” since my daughter left home at age 17….but I enjoy looking at other’s decorations!