One of my favourite songs

September 18, 2006


This is an “Adhunik” (modern song) in Bengali…

kOn shE AlOr shopno niyE jEnO AmAy/kE dAkE Ay cholE Ay

cchAyA neel sheemA nAy/cchodAy shOnA soorjO mEghEr gAy–dAkEy Ay…Ay rE Ay!

kOn pAkhi thAr dusshAhoshEr dAnA mElEy/ jAy hAriyEy ondho mOnEr AndhAr phElEy/

ey mOn shOngi korEy/AkAshEr neel nogorEy/ AmiyO jAbO rEy thAree pAkhAy!

chEnA OchEnAr pArEy/ dEkEy dEkey jEy AmAkEy/ niyE jAy ojAnAr obishArE

hoy tho phireo dekhbe nA ey phErAree mOn/ ghor cchEdey oiy shoonnEy  OdA pAkheer mOthOn

jAbO dhEshE bidhEshE/ jEkhAnE shopno mEshE/ shE jothi shAmnE eshE dhoo hAth bAddhAy…..

With some dream of light, I wonder who is calling me, “come, come away”….

There is no limit to the blue….the sun splashes gold on the body of the clouds…calling me, “come, come away”

Which bird would beat the wings of its cowardice, and go, losing the darkness of the blind mind…

Making a friend of this mind, In the blue city that is the sky….? I will also go, on its wings!

Beyond the familiar and the unfamiliar, calling me again and again,  (it) leads me to a quest of the unknown…

Maybe this wandering mind will never look back, just like that bird which has left home and flown into the vast space…

I will go from country to country, where dreams mingle, if (it) comes before me and extends both hands….

What a beautiful song of longing for new vistas of independence in thought! I love singing it…maybe I will sing it on Evoca!

The link to the Evoca recording is:

I hope you like listening to it!