Those who build

September 12, 2006


We praise those who build new initiatives, new institutions, new efforts. Centuries later, the names of the kings or politicians(and once in a while, the architects who have constructed buildings)live on….but here are some of the people who ACTUALLY build…. to the nameless, faceless construction workers who work (still) for a pittance, often dangerously, to build the edifices of cement, glass, chrome and steel that help to create both Bangalore’s wealth and her infrastructure problems. A salute to those who work on the scaffolding….the people who actually put brick and mortar together.

IMG_0001 construction workers, 13 Sep 06

I am happy to see that most of them now have footwear, and hard hats…and that bamboo scaffolding has been replaced by re-usable pipe scaffolding, which is more secure and strong.