Hide and Seek

September 9, 2006


Well, I am back with KMC (K Mohan’s Camera) in one piece, and now there’s going to be a spate of photographs of Bandipur, all my OWN (somewhat awful) work!

A lot of people who are going to look at my snaps are good photographers. To them, I say: move on, move on. My name in photographese is not even Murphy, its…Sekhar, spelt, Shaker. It’s as if the all the earthquakes experienced in California had come along to jog my elbow. So if you expect crispness, technical correctness...pass on, pass on!

The rest of you….here’s my intro shot of Bandipur, with a hide-and-seek game…that’s the tip of the elephantberg! Will post more pics and an account of the trip….later….!


<IMG height=333 alt=”IMG_0384 Hide and Seek” src=”http://static.flickr.com/98/238533421_b272799c7d.jpg” width=500>