On the eve of visiting Bandipur, a tiger sanctuary

September 5, 2006


<DIV align=center><FONT face=Verdana color=#800000 size=2>Deep in jungle I am went On shooting Tiger I am bent Bugger Tiger has eaten wife No doubt I avenge poor darling’s life Too much quiet, snakes and leeches But am not feared these sons of beeches Hearing loud noise I am jump with start But noise is coming from damn fool heart Taking care not to be fright I am clutching rifle with eye to sight Should Tiger come I will fall him down Then like hero return to native town Then through trees I am espying one cave I am telling self - “Ranga be brave”; I now proceed with too much care From nonsense smell this Tiger’s lair My leg is shake, I start to pray I think I shoot Tiger some other day Turning round I am going to go But Tiger giving bloody roar He bounding from cave like shooting star I commend my soul to Kali Ma Through the jungle I am went Like bullet with Tiger hot on scent Mighty Tiger rave and rant Rangaswamy shit in pant! Must to therefore leave the jungle Killing Tiger one big bungle!! I am telling that never in life I will risk again for damn fool wife </FONT></DIV>.,._ <IMG height=1 src=”http://geo.yahoo.com/serv?s=97476590&grpId=2556773&grpspId=1600016061&msgId=6584&stime=1157469662” width=1>