A less poetic song from ThangaikkAga (1971)

September 1, 2006

Have been posting about all the  beautiful, poetic Tamizh songs…well, here’s  part of one of the other type:

The song is “angamuthu thangamuthu thaNNikku pOnALAm” with Nagesh and cohorts…..one of whom is a male dressed as a woman….

<FONT face=Arial size=2>Operation illAmalEy AmbaLai pombaLai AnA - co-</FONT>
<FONT face=Arial size=2>operation thEdikittu kOdambAkkam pOnA...</FONT>
<FONT face=Arial size=2>Corporation Lorry...oNNu kattiyirukkuthu sAri...</FONT>
<FONT face=Arial size=2>Ashai konjam meeri...iva Aru mAsam carry...oh bailabailabaila...etc Translation: Without any operation, a man became a woman; looking for co-operation, she went to Kodambakkam (an area of Chennai famous for both the cinema studios and the red light district..you take your pick!); here is a Corporation Lorry (the city corporation uses the most decrepit lorries for garbage clearance) wearing a sari; but desire overflowed.. and she is six months "carrying".... So we can produce crapola stuff too...! I don't know whether to laugh, or to cringe!</FONT>