Vinaayka Chathurthi (Gowri Ganesha Pooja), 27 Aug 2006...mainly flowers

August 28, 2006


Well…here are a few pics that I took at Gandhi Bazar, one of the large market areas in Bangalore, today. But first,my disclaimer….

Apparently the camera was set for indoor shots (we were going to attend a wedding) and since I decided on the spur of the minute that I would take pictures, KM had no time to re-adjust KMC (KM’s camera). And of course, I was in a rush and didn’t aim too well either. So please excuse the general technical terribleness of the shots and just see the scenes!

I took a lot of pictures of flowers this time, because Bangalore is known as a floriculture centre, and is known for the wide variety of flowers on sale here.

<IMG height=333 alt=IMG_0234 src=”” width=500>

Here’s a shop selling different sizes and representations of Ganesha….

Here's another pic of some really large Ganeshas, covered up against dust... <IMG height=333 alt=IMG_0240 src="" width=500> (don't miss the "Rupees 90 shop"...our equivalent of the dollar store...and the "gold covering works", where white metal jewellery coated with gold is sold.) here are some "Thaazham Poo" (screwpine) flowers and roses for sale: <IMG height=333 alt=IMG_0239 src="" width=500> Notice the handmade plastic bag at the left, and the bottom middle,  of the picture? Ladies make these out of plastic wire and sell them.... Some more flowers...what a riot of colours they make: <IMG height=333 alt=IMG_0238 src="" width=500> Roses, marigolds, zinnias, asters...and note the large round green ash gourds at the back. Also see the "Upto 50% discount" board...shops put up that HUGE "50%" and then sell most of the stuff at 5% or 10% off, with one or two measly items at 50% off to justify the board! And it becomes legal if the word "upto" is used.... <IMG height=333 alt=IMG_0235 src="" width=500> There are some gladioli too, here (the  blue ones are coloured by adding blue dye to the water in which they stand)...and carnations and gerberas...the roses are wrapped round with corrugated paper to preserve them. See the trunk of the tree in the picture...about 20 years old, I'd say. Today was commenting about how notices are NAILED to trees; I said they included notices on how to protect trees! Flowers are also strung into long garlands like this, and sold by the "muzham" (distance measured from fingertip to elbow) or "maaru" (distance measured across the "maaru" or chest from one hand to the other, which is what the guy in the checked shirt on the right-hand-side of the pic, behind the white shirt,  is doing)....I often think of the expression, "cut me a little slack"...because we ask the flower-sellers to cut us a little extra when we are buying..and they nod and give us exactly what they would anyway! <IMG height=333 alt=IMG_0241 src="" width=500> You can see the bunch of mango leaves (go fly, !) that the man in the foreground has bought, to decorate the Pooja.... The fruits are no less colourful (though rather out of focus); those are apples,sweet limes,chicku, or Florida oranges: <IMG height=333 alt=IMG_0236 src="" width=500> That's Kannada script on the orange board; it says, "Shree Darshan" The board above that offers to coach people for the Indian Administrative Service/ Indian Police Service/Indian Foreign Service. On the other board on the LHS, you can see "Rajdhani" (which means "capital city") in both English and Kannada. Notice the wide variety of two wheelers...and count the plastic bags in all these photos...sad, isn't it? </lj-cut> Well, that was a 5-minute visit to Basavanagudi, Bangalore, and the Ganesha festival! Hereit's a major festival, and the celebration is called "Gowri Ganesha"...on the first day, the mother, Gowri, is worshipped, and on the second, it's the son, Ganesha's turn! I wish I had been able to go and get pictures of the Gowri images, too...well, next year! All of you who would like to be here for the festival...I thought of you and ate the "prasaad" (offerings) of "modakam" and "kadubu"! Burrrp!