met and went to a set of plays...

August 26, 2006


Wanted to post this earlier…but things kept happening, particularly, getting on to LJ happened....and today was really busy.

Since had come over to attend a conference, I thought she might like to see Ranga Shankara, so met her there. A bright, enquiring mind...I will enjoy spending time with her at any time!

The set of plays, called “Final Touches” at Ranga Shankara , by Yours Truly Theatre, turned out to be 4 one-act plays where the audience reaction would determine the ending. Each play was supposed to be in a different language. We watched the “Kannada” one ( inverted commas because there was a large smattering of English), “The Purple Rose”,  and then the “English” one, “ctrl/alt/del” (inverted commas because at one point of time we thought we were already into the Hindi one!)…the group acting this one was actually pretty good….they are beginning to get their comic timing right.

was apparently acting in the last of the 4 plays; he couldn't come out to meet me before the play as we had planned, as he got caught up with rehearsals backstage...and we couldn't stay back till then end...see below... Well-meant plays, but...and it was a pretty big but....the first two plays overran the time stated so very badly. I agree that it will take a little time for fresh theatre groups to work off their amateurishness...but they must estimate their time correctly, especially if audience responses are going to be there, too. At the end of 2 hours, only 2 plays had been done...we could not stay beyond 9.30pm as and I decided that it was important to put into an auto and send her safely off to Malleswaram.. so we left. Luckily, 's conference was just down the road from where I live, so she was able to come over again the next day, and we spent a little time together, discussing assorted subjects such as atheism, her family, and communism vs capitalism....Had to go for my swim while she was here ( if I postpone the time I often wind up not going at all, lazy bum!) but she didn't seem to mind at all!