August 20, 2006

One of the most wonderful people I know. She is such a happy person, such an affectionate friend, and does whatever she does extremely well. Has managed to catch up with others after having started a career very late…because she was taking care of her in-laws before that. (Which, too, she did devotedly without a cross word for elders who could sometimes be crotchety and irritable.) Stood first in the University in her Master’s Degree in Anthropology; because she couldn’t do a full-time MBA, took up the course from IGNOU and completed it with grit and determination. A superb cook, a person of style and great taste. It was lovely to see her in her spanking new car. A great sense of humour and a great sense of the ridiculous too. She has fought hard against very, very adverse circumstances and bounced back.

One of my heroines.

And though it is on the surface..did I mention, she is also SO very good-looking, with that delightful smile and the infectious laugh?

I wish you could all meet her…