Lovely day in Chennai

August 19, 2006

Had a great day in Chennai for a change…usually the weather, hot and humid, kills whatever joy I have!

But for starters, we came in very early and after reaching the guest house, I actually was able to go to sleep and woke up at a decadent 9.30 am!

I went to visit a dear friend who has had a hysterectomy, and did something that I can enjoy doing only in hot climates…stretched out on the floor for a nap! (Rarely do I sleep this much!)

Visited who took me to her favourite hangout, "Amethyst", where we enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee and I spoke some long-forgotten halting German to zwei huebsiche Maedchen..."sprechen Sie langsam bitte", I had to say! Ohne Ubung vergisst man alles...I was, however, zapped by the prices of the coffee percolators they have...5000 rupees is not something I would like to pay for one of them...when Ratna Stores stainless steel filter will do just as good a job at less than Rupees fifty! (Actually in St Louis, for 4 dollars, I have found a fantastic Thai coffee filter, which is exactly our tambram coffee filter with extra design elements such as handles at the side, a plate kind of extrusion around the filter so that one can rest it directly on the cup or glass..)

Enough about kapi filters…Amethyst is situated in such a lovely building, with a lot of greenery…looks really lovely. Can understand why it is 's pet place!

Went to a wedding reception in the evening, the weather actually permitted one of my heavy Kancheepuram and joolry…met up with some old friends and had a really lovely time listening to the orchestra playing old Tamizh hits…came home contentedly…

None of the dirty politics, none of the poverty, none of the problems of the world, bothered me today…I was happy where destiny placed me and I spent a lot of time with people whom I like…I wish everyone could be as happy as this!