August 17, 2006


For every festival we draw “kolam” at our front doors to decorate the entrance and welcome both the gods who are being feted, and visitors…I did this one with rice paste and added the red with red mud…

<IMG height=333 alt=”IMG_0208 kolam for janmaashtami 2006” src=”http://static.flickr.com/38/217791217_7c7edd8340.jpg” width=500>

that square made up of those wavy lines is the very basic “maNakkOlam” that is always part of every auspicious Tambram celebration! Motifs include the lotus, parrots, elephants, swans… this festival was the birthday of Krishna, so we normally draw the baby feet of  Krishna walking to the pujai site. You can see the tiny ones in the centre of the kolam. I forgot to photograph the feet leading to the inside of the flat..next time….