August 14, 2006


Just wrote about this to a friend….

Snobbery comes in various guises; quite apart from the usual I-am-richer-than-you financial snobbery. There is ancestor snobbery–I-had-more-illustrious-forebears-than-you. There is intellectual arrogance; I-am-brainier-than-you. There is appearance-snootiness….I-am-more-beautiful-than-you.  And now, apparently permeating urban Indian society….English-arrogance, I-have-a-better-command-of-English-than-you. People tend to be respected just because they are articulate in English and can use the latest jargon with ease. I find this snobbery in all fields. This is so sad. There are so many great people out there who just happen not to be able to express themselves in English, and whose facets remain hidden as they are tongue-tied and uncomfortable in the language. Why are we so English-snotty?

Whatever the type of snobbery, it makes me feel a fraud, and makes me uncomfortable. I like people who are comfortable with themselves, happy, and warm-hearted. Modesty (the real thing, not the fluttery, fluting false version) in a person really does enhance my respect. Truly, “nirai kudam thaLumbAthu”…an adage in Tamizh, literally, “ the full water-pot doesnt’ slop over”.

How sad, that I have to post this in English…that there is no Tamizh LJ!!