Pictures at the Independence Day flower show....

August 10, 2006


I took plenty of photos, after all…I actually figured out which lens to take, and attached it and went off to Lalbagh on a sudden impulse, to see the flower show that is put up every year for Independence Day (August 15)…..

But here are the first three. Remember I am NOT a photographer.

First, the Indian flag in anthuriums…the arrangement was already wilting, wonder how it will look on the 15th!

<IMG height=333 alt=”IMG_0210 flower flag” src=”” width=500>

Then I have these two…the first one is this lady, at the end of  a hard day’s work, taking something living and growing, home with her….

<IMG height=333 alt=”IMG_0235 buy a flower to take home” src=”” width=500>

and the next one is titled, Restof Lalbagh….this is one way to enjoy Lalbagh without seeing a single thing!

<IMG height=333 alt=”IMG_0240 rest and recuperation” src=”” width=500>

Other pictures will follow…..