why blog?

July 14, 2006


I read 's post about every Tom, Dick and Hari blogging, and they are now advertising a "blogsitter" who will take care of your blog for you when you are on vacation....what's to take care of?

But it made me think…why do people blog? Most of us, I think, are using it as a diary, recording events, our thoughts and reactions. I certainly use mine as a kind of pickle jar where I post stuff that may later become an article. And I love posting the photographs that, mostly (ah, this word brings someone to mind!) taken by my spouse; hopefully, the compliments he receives and which I convey to him will convince him that he is a good photographer, rather than (as he thinks) an ordinary  photographer with a good camera…

Meanwhile, here’s another nice pic that he took in Corbett…it is a grey bushchat… I love the guy’s mask….highway robber style!

Which reminds me about the nervous first-time highwayman who stopped his victim to demand, “Your money or your life!” and shouted, instead, “Your mummy or your wife!”

<IMG height=320 alt=”IMG_0139 Grey bushchat” src=”http://static.flickr.com/44/189127821_4aba851a41.jpg” width=480>