First the philosophy, then the picture...

July 2, 2006


The internet erases distances. It brings down the barriers of colour, culture, customs, accents. If you just know English and how to type, you can meet, mind-to-mind, with anyone across the planet. You can get to know the person and not bother about the outside skin. You can get – and give– information about anything and everything imaginable. All this for a very small expense. I have, in the past week– seen a radio-collared tiger; visited 9 states of the US; seen the beauty of various plants; been a silent spectator of highly-technical discussions by intelligent minds spanning the globe, that suddenly descend into personalities; dug out old writings of mine and got them published; exchanged poetry with people on a different continent; booked tickets on some flights;exercised verbs such as wiki-ing and googling which entered my vocabulary not too long ago;listened to music, read a lot of humour, enjoyed a lot of photographs; and kept in touch with many, many people. And all this, when my use of the net is very, very limited. What an incredible invention the net is…..

And now…tarantaraa….for the first time, ladies and gentlemen, and others…a picture in which K.Mohan features as the subject, while parasailing at Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka, in Apr 2004….a picture which I took (and that will be, alas, pretty obvious from the picture, too!). I have fought the sense of “Oh, I will never take a single good picture” and decided that I needn’t constantly compare…so…here it is! It was a good camera, so the mistakes are all mine….

There’s my husband, “airy” and “suspenseful” and with “his life hanging by a thread” (well, a few of them), “dropping in” on the beach. He also tried water-skiing and claims that his arms are several inches longer as a result!

<IMG height=375 alt=”Picture 236 Mohan parasailing in Sri Lanka, Apr 2004” src=”” width=500>