One of my favourite old classic Tamizh movie songs

June 23, 2006


unnaiyonru kEtpEn uNmai sholla vENdum ennai paada shonnAl enna pAda thOnrum

kAdhal pAttu pAda kAlam inrum illai thAlAttu pAda thAyAgavillai

thanimayil gAnam sabhaiyiley mounam uravuthAn rAgam uyirellAm tALam anbu konda nenjil anubhavam illai (peNNai paada shonnAl…)

nilavillA vAnam neerillA mEgham peshAtha peNmai pAdatha uNmai kaNNai mella moodum thannai eNNi vAzhum (peNNai paada shonnAl)

ROUGH (very rough) translation:

Let me ask you something, answer me truly: If someone asks me to sing, what would I think of singing?

There’s no more time to sing songs of love (I)Haven’t  become a mother, to sing a lullaby

Singing when alone, and silent in the assembly; The relationship is the musical mode, the life is the rhythm The loving heart is not experienced….(if you ask a woman to sing, what will she think of singing?)

A sky without the moon:Clouds without moisture Silent womanhood, a reality that doesn’t sing (It) will slowly close its eyes, and live, thinking of itself…(if you ask a woman to sing, what will she think of singing?)

Any corrections from anyone…welcome!