these words bring tears to my eyes

June 9, 2006

Kodutthavan meendum ketkinraan…athai illai enraal avan viduvaanaa? Uravai sholli azhuvathaanaley uyirai meendum tharuvaanaa? Kookuraaley kidaikkaathu Ithu courtukku ponal jeyikkaathu Antha kottaiyil nuzhainthaal thirumbaathu….(Ponaal pogattum po daa…intha bhoomiyil nilaiyaay vazhnthavan yaarada?)

(From the song “POnaal pOgattum pOdA”.

“He who gave it(the life) is asking for it back…will he let you go if you say no? Will he return the life if you cite the relationship and weep? This is not something that you can cry for and get; not something that you can win by going to court;if it enters that fort, it will never return.

“Let it go….has anyone ever lived for ever on this earth?”

And the othet timeless song of philosophy:

Veedu varai uravu;veethi varai manaivi; kaadu varai pillai…kadaishi varai yaaro..

(When you die)the relatives come up to the house,the wife up to the road, the son up to the forest (where the crematorium is)…who will come along till the end?

What poetry, what timeless words. The poet may write of death but the words are deathless.