Why the back stroke?

May 8, 2006

I have been swimming quite regularly for over a month now, and yesterday, a little kid asked me, “Why do you always swim the backstroke?”


  1. Far less water gets into my ENT system, and I don’t spend the rest of the evening and night sniffling or sneezing with the water.

  2. I am still very scared of water…it was my big “Fear Factor” thing to learn to swim…I think that if I can see the bottom of the pool, I will wind up there.

  3. It’s far more fun being able to look at so many thing around and above me…there are the various people in the flats around me, the children running around the pool (when they are not hitting me in the pool that is!)..the birds flying past, the large eucalyptus tree in our lawn swaying in the breeze, the moon coming up over the silhouette of our building….

  4. I am still hoping that I might be able to swim with my contact lenses on if I use goggles and the back stroke…but I haven’t had the courage to try this yet!

  5. I am still amazed at the fact that the water bears up my body without letting it sink…it matches the wonder I feel every time a heavy lumbering jet soars gracefully into the air…

Swimming, walking and cycling…three of my favourite activities. I don’t enjoy gymming very much…but these are three things that I can do for longish stretches of time on my own, without any need for company. My thoughts keep me company…and they are enjoyable ones….