URLs...and something I read and remembered...

April 13, 2006

Today’s Deccan Herald:


this is what the Deccan Herald calls the detailed article and what Icall the derailed article…the original piece is on my Live Journal…

entry for Feb 27th (that’s how long it’s taken to get into print!)

the last middle I wrote is …

This is an article from newspaper Deccan Herald appeared on Mar 25, 2006 in page 10. Click the following link to read :

the original article in on my Live Journal, Mar 20.

…..and I was reading 's post on lifts, and I responded that it made easy for some of us to always use the stairs, because in my aparment building the lift is very likely to stop at Floor 3.5 or 3.75 and people have to yell to be let out! So most of us who are fit have got into the habit of avoiding the lift. I am 52, and can do the 11 floors in my friend's apartment easily, thanks to my apartment "training"!

The post on lifts, along with my interest in writing for the newspapers, reminds me of the cub reporter who was asked to be as brief as he could in reporting a death. His report read: “Mr W looked up the lift shaft to see if the lift was coming down. It was. Age 38.”