December 23, 2005

What can I do when I get compliments which I don’t feel I deserve?

In Chennai recently, several people complimented me on conducting a traditional wedding for my daughter, “in an excellent way”….I was not keen on rites and rituals which belonged to child-marriage days, and would have made a simpler ceremony out of it if my daughter had not insisted on the “whole 9 yards”…literally in the case of the wedding saree, and figuratively, in including all the rites and rituals….her father even added fireworks!

So when I am complimented, I shuffle my feet and am unusually at a loss for words….

The same thing happens when someone compliments me on having a good voice. This is a gift from God or Nature as the case may be, and I have little to do with it. Shuffle-shuffle, mumble-mumble, weak smile!