Things to do..and the monsoon....

August 29, 2005

Leaving on a 7 week trip is stressful…first I have to get the thousands of things…then I have to fit them into 2 suitcases!

It is pouring with rain outside as I write. Bangalore is so lush and green and dustless (if not dirtless or mudless) at this time. I am so reluctant to leave for much warmer and possibly more humid, climes….I just LOVE Bangalore in the monsoon. Having been brought up in Kolkata, where Bengali literature is preoccupied with the monsoon…it’s one of my favourite seasons. It is the season where the ever-present ferocity of the sun is held at is the season for fecundity and fresh new growth and greenery everywhere, even in the nooks and crannies of old walls….for many years, living in Chennai, I missed the summer monsoon so much…I think the love of the monsoon is deeply ingrained in my psyche.