Recipe for staging a success...

July 3, 2005

To think that Broadway and off-Broadway have been searching for a sure-fire success formula for years and here in Ranga Shankara, Bangalore, it is so simple….

  1. Put up a production with lots of kids. It won’t matter if they fluff their lines or otherwise goof, it will all add to the cuteness.

  2. Book Ranga Shankara and put it up as a public play. Doting parents and supportive classmates will buy up all the tickets, and regular playgoers who are unaware of the school connection will buy the rest, ensuring a full house, which sounds great to say!

  3. The abovementioned doting parents and supportive classmates will clap each actor/actress to the echo and create the impression that the play is a HUGE hit.

This is great for everyone except the regular playgoers who may still enjoy the kids’ acting but still go home feeling as if they have been to a school annual day where they don’t belong.