Spiritual quiz...and sad news...

April 28, 2005


From the LJ of Mriga, I found the link to this spiritual quiz…I scored 50..”one foot in organized religion and one in free-form spirituality”….try it and see…

Two years ago, a friend was a high achiever,one of the bright stars of his IIM Ahmedabad class…Kirit Raval was the Additional Solicitor General of India.

Then he developed lukaemia…after the best of treatment at Delhi, Mumbai, Houston and then Israel, he lost the fight yesterday..

His wife had been very unhappy about leaving her own career as an advocate, and her lovely home in Ahmedabad, and following him to the political, uncomfortable world of Delhi. I wonder how she feels now….

I pray that God gives me good health till the day I die…all my exercising and body maintainance is towards this goal.