The big news passes me by...

April 2, 2005

I am, I find, incapable of commenting on all the world-shaking events that appear in the headlines….I feel that tsunamis, earthquakes, and other (quite literally) earth-shaking stuff needs bigger and better people to comment on them. Those who are on the scene can describe events much better….

I feel I can describe better the stuff of everyday life, that impacts everyday people like I am….common, small joys and sorrows which make up life for the average Tom, Dick and Hari.

But surely, there are millions of people out there like I am, and perhaps, who knows, my observations find an echo in many minds and hearts…we are lucky to be part of the middle class, where the huge waves of absolute devastation do not touch us, and only little wavelets of small happenings rock the boat of our existence gently…our viewpoints may be confined to our own lives and what affects them, but are no less valid for that.