Aero show

February 12, 2005

Went to the Aero Show at Jakkur yesterday…my spouse thoroughly enjoyed himself with his weighs-a-ton-and-costs-more camera…and I must say the pictures he took were really SUPERB.

The display was not as detailed as the one I saw at Chennai last year on the occasion of Air Force Day; but it was very impressive nevertheless. I had to remind myself that these were the “showmen” of the armed forces, not the real heroes..those who repeatedly pack parachutes for the glamour boys to jump in, those who service those awesome machines and keep them safe….

But still and all…when the Sukhoi flies past in a thundering display of raw power, or the Surya Kirans streak past in perfect formation trailing the triclour….it is so difficult not to get all choked up and proud and patriotic and not have a tear stand in your eye….

Such displays are great for our national pride. I was also impressed with the arrangements made this year. Plenty of parking, fairly clean toilets, plenty of food…good job done.