Mime workshop

February 9, 2005

Enjoying the mime workshop (over 4 weekends) very much. What Nazi, the mime teacher, told us during the mime workshop: Make time for plenty of practice. Don’t stop to analyze too much or your work will become laboured and it won’t “flow”. Lose yourself in who you are at the moment. Self-absorption will produce better work.

Just the same words my music teacher used for me when I learned Carnatic music….she said until I enjoyed myself, my audience wouldn’t….

Alas, our terrace is too small for some of the large movements that he teaches. But I am less than happy about the dog poop all over the terrace in Koramangala which is the alternate venue….

It is also difficult, at least to me, to be the only woman, as well as a middle-aged one, in a group of people, one of whom was my daughter’s classmate in school…I think it inhibits them, I didn’t find any willing partners in the two-people routine where one had to punch the other’s face in mime…it crossed my mind that maybe I should be interested in stuff more “suitable” to my age…but then I thought, what’s the age factor in MIME, for heaven’s sake!

Nazi’s email id: nmanoharan@hotmail.com

He is really good.